Quick tips before getting your first tat

So one fine day you woke up and finally decided to get a tattoo, correction – your first tattoo. That’s great, however, beforehand you need to know a few things before actually doing it.

What do you want to get?

You seem to appreciate the fine body art, you’re a rebel or you just think it’s the right thing to do but you firstly need to consider what you’d like to get. Whether it will be a butterfly, dragon or lettering, think it over carefully because a tattoo usually aims to either make a personal statement, help you remember something dear to you or just decorate your natural canvas.

Where will it be?

Secondly make sure you have figured where you want to place it and take into consideration whether or not your choice will affect your job prospects. Don’t forget that the big companies show a rather conservative outlook on tattoos.

Pick your tattoo artist

Ask your friends or just people you know whose tattoo you like. Check out a few studios and talk to the artists – you’re looking for someone who’ll take time to sit down with you and discuss ideas, whether they’re applicable for the body part you’d like to get inked and whether your design can be modified to look better.

Look around the studio

Make sure it is clean and the equipment is sterile and new. Everything needs to be opened in front of you – from the needles to the gloves.

Pay a visit to your GP

Ask if it is safe enough for you to get inked with regards to any allergies or skin conditions you might have (ex. eczema). If you’re given the green light – splendid, if not better steer away from the idea.

Book your appointment and start your mental preparation

First tattoos are exciting because you don’t know what to expect. Pain is dependent on your individual threshold, expertise of the tattoo artist and of course the place where you are getting the work. It will probably sting a bit, but it’s manageable. Most importantly be well rested and relaxed so you don’t feel any discomfort and don’t take any painkillers, alcohol or drugs before your appointment as they can make you bleed more.

How to take care of the new tattoo?

  • First and most importantly – follow strictly the instructions given to you by the studio
  • Keep the bandage on for as long as you are told
  • Wash the tattoo with anti-bacterial soap, not any other type; otherwise, you might dry out the tattoo.  This may cause a serious itch and redness
  • Do not scratch – you’ll damage the skin and the tattoo most likely
  • Use an antibiotic ointment
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight, pools and hot tubs. Avoid getting tattooed in the summer because it is the season in which your tattoos is likely to get irritated by thousands to stimuli such as sun, heat, dust, sand and etc.
  • Do not pick the scabs; they’ll fall off until it heals.
  • It will heal fully in about one to three weeks.

So there you go, now you know everything about the process and I wish you luck with your new work of art 🙂


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