Hot Water Music’s new album ‘Exister’ – A great comeback or a mediocre attempt?

It has been 8 year since anyone has heard new material from Hot Water Music. Their long hiatus has given the band members some needed artistic freedom – Chuck Ragan pursued his own folklore musical interests and he organised the Revival Tour, which is a collaborative event between musicians. The first Revival Tour was held in 2008 and the most recent being in 2011, where Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause of The Loved Ones (American band), Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio, and Ragan himself were featured. While Ragan was reinventing himself (so to say) the remaining band members went on to form the punk band The Draft.

At the end of it all, Hot Water Music reunited in 2012 after they disbanded on good terms in 2006. The question is would the band give a new spin to the sound of their previous albums or would ‘Exister’ be something different. Will it be a successful product or a failure?

Here comes the answer – no, ‘Exister’ was not a failure at all. The album had everything – energetic punk anthems, Chuck Ragan’s one of a kind rough voice and the overall passion of the band towards this project clearly seen in this fresh sounding album. It is a solid addition to their large discography.

Starting with the powerhouse Mainline, continuing with the more mellow-sounding Drag My Body to the more up-beat Safety and Wrong Way, finishing off with the ecstatic Paid In Full. A bit more could have been done on the Take No Prisoners and Pledge Wore Thin because they sound a little too similar to each other.

Overall it is a record that touches on the many phases of the band’s career to date without feeling like a re-tread of past glories, and it is a record that the band should be proud of.

It would be best to try it out yourselves and tell us what you think about it. Here is a sample straight off Exister, enjoy


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