OFF! Album review

A new project which has caught the eye of many music lovers and more specifically punk rock maniacs is OFF!. The California-based punk band that consists of, one can say, professionals in the punk rock field. The lead man is Keith Morris, the co-founder of the legendary Black Flag. He can also be recalled as being a part of Circle Jerks at some point.  Dimitri Coats from Burning Brides plays the guitar, indie movie fans can also remember him from the movie ‘Suck’. The other two band members are Redd Kross’s own Steve McDonald at bass and Mario ‘Ruby Mars’ Rubalcaba at drums. As it can be seen all of them have previous experience on the music scene and the product of their collaboration OFF! Only proves that punk’s not dead!

The self-titled album has that particular hardcore and true punk sound – it is energetic, wild and rebellious.  With its 16 tracks that fit into just over 17 minutes it definitely reminds us of the good old hardcore band Operation Ivy. A personal favourite off this album would be ‘Wiped Out’, it can make you feel as if you can do absolutely everything.

OFF!’s music takes you back to the times when punk was at its best! The intensity of the music, the speak-shouts of Morris and the overall brilliant collaboration of the band makes the record a ‘must-have’. Every true hardcore punk fan will enjoy it and get pumped by the message and the music of OFF!.  It makes you feel as if you are either at an underground venue in the home of punk – London or at a garage at an LA house.

In nowadays’ musical landscape full of commercial, mainstream and repetitive acts, OFF! Is truly a breath of fresh air.  It is good to know that hardcore punk’s still alive and totally kicking ass!

Considering the current global climate, the elements of punk – going against the grain, the DIY ethic and the attitude that the ordinary people can take an active part in the running of their lives – seem to be an absolute must!

Hopefully OFF! Will continue to bring us quality tunes and charge us with positive energy to get up and do something about all the problems surrounding us. In the meantime, you can check out the official music video of ‘Wiped Out’ and see what they are all about.

Enjoy 😉


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