Arabella Drummond – a model like none other

Model, fire breather and columnist at Front Magazine – yup, Arabella seems to juggle all of these at the same time. With a staggering pirate sleeve, intricate neck design and knuckles that spell ‘live wire’ she is a model like none other.

She has been on the cover of the adult magazine Front four times and she also has her own column in it every month. She has also been featured in the adult magazines Nuts, Loaded, Zoo, Boxer, Penthouse.

The London born Arabella could also often be seen at major tattoo events such as London Tattoo Convention and Tattoo Jam. Whilst there she has her own stand where you could purchase one of her calendars – be it her annual Arabella Drummond calendar or a tattooed pin-up girls one that features her. She could also be spotted at the tattoo competitions at the Convention either presenting the winners in the certain competition or posing with them.

Where else can you see Madam Drummond? – well if you have ever watched Time Warp, you’d know there’s an episode on how exactly fire breathing happens, following and filming a bunch of professional artists. At the time Arabella was not tattooed and did not go under her real name, she was called Helen Green.

Arabella has performed and blown away audiences at events internationally, including the Cannes film festival, Playboy Mansion and London’s own Crique Du Soir.

You can also find her in the Puma Autumn Winter 2011 campaign with Professor Green. She has also made appearances in the videos for Encore, the Wanted and Professor Green.

So there you have it – a model that is hot as hell, charismatic and has an amazing taste for tattoos. I will let you judge Miss Drummond’s talent from her multiple pictures in the gallery and the videos, which I will put underneath the article.


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