Song for 18/11/2012

Yesterday we had a look at Benga and today we’ll hit it off with his mate and co-host of their BBC Radio 1 show. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Skream! The other pioneer in dubstep, who’s talent has also been discovered in Big Apple Records by Hatcha.
The Croydon-based producer and artist has about 800 songs in various stages of production. The musical prodigy has 2 albums – Skream! and Outside the Box, multiple EPs, most notable of which are the Skreamizm ones, Vol. 1-6, he is also part of the dubstep project Magnetic Man and has collaborated with multiple other artists such as psst, Benga 😉 Example, Zed Bias and Miles Kane.
Additionally, as I already mentioned in the previous article, Skream and Benga have their own show on BBC Radio 1 and it has been on air since January 2011.

It is well worth mentioning that Skream has always kept a close relationship with his fans as he has constantly been releasing freebies to his loyal twitter fans. Recently, he reached 100, 000 followers and decided to reward all of his fans by releasing an album, consisting of 11 unreleased tracks, which were made in between his albums and EPs ranging between 2006-2009. Tell me, how can anyone not love this guy? – He is an innovative musician and a rather cool dude that actually appreciates his fans at the same time.

There you have it – Skream in a nutshell 🙂 Here’s his mind-blowing remix of Alex Clare’s Up all Night!


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