Song for 19/11/2012

DJ Distance – the dj, producer and label owner that has been pushing dubstep to its limits and in his desired direction.

With a background of heavy metal and progressive industrial, his approach to dubstep is different, unique you can say. How else would you explain his major role in laying the foundations of dubstep and being widely recognised, huh?
He manages to relate polar opposite music genres such as heavy metal, industrial, techno, dub and reggae. You don’t think such a fusion is possible? – Well guess again, cuz Distance manages to rock it in a fashion of his own.

He’s recorded tunes at underground and seminal studios such as Hotflush, Destructive, Boka and Planet Mu where he recorded his first album. In 2007 he started his own label called Chestplate Records.

The South London mastermind has produced tracks alongside Benga, Skream, Pinch and Cyrus and his DJ booking has taken him all around the world – from LA to Japan.

If you have never heard of him, which is highly unlikely, you can check his tracks either on Youtube or at

In the mean time check out his collaboration with Alys Be called Falling.


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