Song for 21/11/2012

Hello all! Today I’m going to acquaint you a super group which I have mentioned in two previous posts, however, I never explored with you. So without further ado – Magnetic Man. The super group, composed of Skream, Benga and Artwork was formed kind of as a conceptual joke in 2007, however, turned into a functioning project funded by Arts Council England.

Magnetic Man’s first musical appearances were on a pair of commercial mixes in 2007 – Dubstep Allstars, Vol.5, mixed by N-Type and Rinse:01, mixed by Geeneus. Their first official release was in 2009’s 12″ The Cyberman with their first self-titled album following in 2010, recorded with Columbia Records.
It was a convergence between dubstep and mainstream club music with vocals provided by Katy B, John Legend and Ms. Dynamite.

The single I need Air managed to reach UK’s top ten. What should be said is that the concept of this project was to be accessible to a wider crowd, not just aimed at the regular club smashers or dubstep fans.

It’s interesting how the trio functions on stage tho, how the magic happens. Whilst at gigs Benga, Skream and Artwork work with three Macs – one playing drum samples, one playing basses and the third playing leads and samples. Artwork’s the leader of the group and his laptop’s the master one, which is synced with the other two via MIDI. There you have it, now you know.

The trio has been absent from the charts and the scene for a while but judging from their interview with NME and recent Skream tweets – they aim at releasing a new single before the end of the year with a new album not too far behind.

That’s it from me – enjoy I need air and I’d like to see someone argue that it’s nothing special. It’s absolutely mind-blowing and it can send shivers down your spine. Knock yourselves out 😉


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