Song for 22/11/2012

How do you know a newcomer band is epic nowadays? – Well if even UrbanDictionary seems to have a definition of the band, then you’re on the right track. Modestep’s one of those bands. The four-piece band formed in 2012 and it features brothers Josh and Tony Friend, Nick Tsang and Matthew Curtis. What makes them more special, you ask – the fact that the dubstep/electro quartet has been too busy with gigs where if you’re in the crowd, there’s absolutely no way you won’t be headbanging and/or in the centre of a mosh pit, guaranteed! Their style is a crossover of rock and dubstep, which although to many may not seem too innovative as bands such as Prodigy and Pendulum have been doing it for a long while, Modestep’s pulling off the style with ease. They wouldn’t be headlining huge festivals if they weren’t good, right? 😉
The Londoners have been all over this year – they’ve been headliners at the main stage at Redfest 2012, same goes for the NASS festival 2012 and Grape Festival 2012 in Slovakia. The guys rocked it out on the Dance stage at Reading and Leeds Festival 2012 and also managed to be the supporting act during Welsh mettalers Lostprophets’ 2012 tour.
What do you say about that? True, they might have not released their debut album, however, that will happen on the 14th January 2013 and it will be titled “Evolution Theory”. The anticipation’s defo going to kill their fans but I sense the wait’s going to be worth it. With previous hits such as Feel Good, Sunlight and Show me a Sign, this album is bound to be out of this world.
I will directly quote Tony out of his interview on his thoughts on the upcoming album -‘We’ve gone without sleep for a year to make this album, so hopefully people will like how eclectic it is,’
That’s all you need to know about Modestep – they’re talented, hardworking and give it their all. Here’s my favourite out of their singles so far – Give me a sign 😉


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