New stuff coming up!

Calling all Cruel Daze of Summer followers and occasional guests – in the next week I’ll be updating the blog with (hopefully) two new articles since recently all I’ve been updating is the song of the day feature and you guys certainly deserve more! The first article will be based on a newcomer band which has a lot of potential and it’s members have worked their, um, bottoms to get to where they are and they’re trying to become more recognised. As a person who values hard work, I am more than happy to dedicate an article to them. And I will not forget to mention that a friend told me about this cool new band and I’m totally thankful for that 🙂 I would also highly appreciate if you, my followers, would like to express your opinion on the band and their music. I actually strongly encourage you to voice your views and maybe have a friendly discussion.

Moving on. Have you wondered why my blog is called Cruel Daze of Summer? Do you have an answer to this? Well my second article will enlighten you on the reasoning and it will expose one of my favourite artists. That’s all I’m gonna say.

You’ll just have to stay tuned and check for further updates 😉


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