Song for 23/11/2012

You’re probably wondering what’s today’s lucky pick? Hmm, I’ll give you a few hints – He is from London, he’s an electronic music producer and he’s produced Example’s Kickstarts. Hopefully by now, after following the clues you know that my pick is Sub Focus! The amazing guy that created Out of the Blue and Falling Down – two club smashers you’re bound to have heard (especially if you’re from the UK).

He’s impressed me, personally, with his versatility and the fact that he does not want to stick to one genre. All of his songs have one thing in common – they’re a mix of drum and bass/dubstep/house and electro. Only recently has he introduced vocals to his music, before they were simply beets and bass (ex. Timewarp). I would say the vocals of Alice Gold, Kenzie May and the Alpines’ own Catherine Pockson have made Out of the Blue, Falling Down and Tidal Wave all the better. Their powerful vocals go hand in hand with the music and create a beautiful symbiosis and a guaranteed club hit.
Sub Focus’ talent has won over the strong support of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Grooverider and Mistajam. You can imagine how good he is if Pendulum handpicked him to be their supporting act whilst on tour in the UK, promoting Immersion and if he decides to remix tracks of The Prodigy, Deadmau5 and Rusko. That requires guts and raw talent!

He has released his self-titled debut album on 12 October 2009 and everyone’s in anticipation of album No.2. It was supposed to be released in the late 2012, however, that did not happen.
Even though the electro producer makes the ultimate club smashers, he steers away from the pop star status and strives to stay true to his musical roots just like Skream, Benga, Chase & Status and Nero.

“Trying to strike that balance is one of my main goals – writing underground music with mass appeal.” – this is an outtake from Sub Focus’ interview with

What can I say – I, personally, am pretty impressed with this guy’s style and music. If you’re like me and enjoy Sub Focus’ music maybe you can also check out similar acts such as DJ Fresh, Chase & Status, Netsky 😉

Now have a good time with Sub Focus feat. Alice Gold in ‘Out of the Blue’.


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