Song for 24/11/2012

Recently as I was bored, I decided to browse YouTube and check out Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy. I managed to find a video with him called Go Beyond the Cover, so I though well let’s see what all this is about. Even though it was a commercial for foundation with perfect tattoo coverage, I was hooked. Why? – Because even though it was a commercial, it was pure art – I loved the idea of the video showing us Rick with and without all of his custom-made and unique tattoos. The other thing that I liked about the video was the music, cuz I initially though they might use some poppy hyper commercial hits but I was wrong. So I was pretty hell-bent on finding what’s the name of the song and who was it by. Looking back on the comments underneath the video I found it (as usual someone was helpful enough to write it down).

The song was called There is Hope and it was by Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus Kellerman, it was also one of the most watched videos on YouTube for 2011 with over 20 million views in just 6 months. Amazing, right?

Who’s Zoo Brazil, though? Jon Andersson is a Swedish songwriter and techno/trance producer and he’s no newbie in the craft of music making. Andersson’s been making music for 15 years and has appeared under multiple names – Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars, Kelly Project, Outcold and a whole host of other names, however, nowadays he’s known as Zoo Brazil.

On asked by about how this particular name was chosen for this project, he answered jokingly – “We just came up with Zoo Brazil when we were under pressure to deliver an artist name on the spot and originally we expected to use it for just one or two releases,” he laughs, “Then the name blew up and now we’ll be keeping it for some time, for sure.”

The Swedish producer has been very successful as a songwriter as well. He co-wrote Kylie Minogue’s hit song “The One” featured on her 2007 album “X”. He also remixes some of music’s most influential artists, including Lana Del Ray [Umusic], Moby [Mute], Inflames (Sony), Tiesto [Blackhole], Fatboy Slim [Skint/Astralwerks], Human League [Virgin], Dannii Minogue [FFRR] and others.

The most important info you need to know (if you’re interested, that is) about Zoo Brazil is that his music follows the deep techno path, with generous nods to trance and that he has been nominated for a US Grammy and a BRIT award… and his music is incredibly good!

If you’ve never heard of him, defo check out the video, which I have posted and maybe give YouTube a look 😉

Additionally, here is the commercial featuring There is Hope:


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