Song for 25/11/2012

I don’t know how and why it took me so long to do a feature on Chase & Status, considering they were the OST of my last/final year at Uni. Serious mistake of mine, I’ve loved these guys for at least a few years.

As most music acts, this one also started as a Uni friendship. Will Kennard (Status) and Saul Milton (Chase) met at University of Manchester and hit it off back in 2003. The London DJs-turned-producers-turned-artistes are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve done production work on Rihanna’s Rated R and Talk That Talk albums and Alexandra Burke’s Overcome. The duo has also produced Example’s Won’t Go Quietly track off Playing in the Shadows.
The Electronic/drum and bass music producers have also remixed tracks by the Prodigy, Jay-Z and White Lies.

C&S are a hell-raising act and it’s quite easy to see, just give a listen to their second album No More Idols and honestly tell me, you’re not getting chills down your spine. I won’t believe you.

The two have put in a lot of effort into their artist side as well. They have two albums so far – More Than a Lot and No More Idols and are currently working on the third one. A new single was released on their official site called Big Man featuring Liam Bailey and it is available for free download.

As we all know it is not their first collaboration with Bailey, they did a track with him on No More Idols as well as with the incredible Delilah, Plan B, Mali, White Lies, Clare Maguire and many more. The hit making duo even established their own independent music label MTA Records where they signed none other than Nero!

If you’re as impressed as me with Chase & Status and are waiting their third album with anticipation, you can try Big Man and get a sense of what’s about to hit us. The new album is rumoured to have a darker sound so let’s see what happens 😉


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