Canterbury – rising stars or just another indie rock band?

Canterbury. No, I am not talking about the city. What I have in mind is that incredible four-piece indie rock band from our very own Hampshire area, more specifically Farnham.  The band was found by Luke Prebble, Ben Bishop, Scott Peters and James Pipe and later joined by Mike Sparks.

These guys are so underrated. Why? They have been touring relentlessly for four years, promoting themselves and being a supporting act for virtually anyone who would give them a chance. They have a talent that you can notice even from one song.  They released their debut album Thank You for free on their official website on 23 November 2009. Why did they do that though? They were realistic about their chances of how many records they can actually sell as a newcomer band. In the words of Luke Prebble – “I don’t think you can really expect to make people pay for a single or an album if you’re a very small band.” Consequently, they decided that releasing their album for free was the best way to get the band popularised and attract more interest. Have the guys cracked the secret behind the music business nowadays? I would say yes. If you are interested in the band’s take on the development of the music market in these times of crisis, you can have a look at their guest blog in Rocksound, which you can find at this link – . Alternatively, you can also have a go at their first album at .

You can just see from what they’ve done so far and from their documentary videos on YouTube that they put their hearts and souls into what they love most – music.

At this time Canterbury has two albums – Thank you and Heavy in the Day and two EPs – Calm Down, and More Than Know. In the meantime  the band was touring with the likes of Billy Talent, The Automatic, Enter Shikari, Against Me, You me at six, We are the ocean and most recently – Deaf Havana. These lads sure don’t waste their time, right?

In the beginning of 2012 Canterbury finally had their well overdue headline tour, supported by the Proxies. Their latest tour is still ongoing – it started in the end of November and will last till mid-December.

There is a four-piece documentary on the recording of Heavy in the Day, which I will post after the article along with some of Canterbury’s music videos 😉

Luke, Mike, James and Scott seem so down to earth and lovely in their tour videos. They are also ready to (and already have) put in a big deal of hard work in order to succeed and promote themselves. I would say that not being signed by one of the major labels is a good thing because if they were, I am 100% sure that that special spark, that is visible right now, would be gone. There are acts that try too hard and fail, whilst Canterbury’s an incredibly talented band and their talent is that obvious. From what I saw in the documentary I can honestly say that I would give one of my limbs to hang around with these lovely fellows, because at the end of the day they’re normal guys that make good music not pompous superstars that have forgotten where and  how they started their careers 😉

Here is the documentary, as promised and also a few of their official videos just to give you an idea of their music 😉

Ready Yet?

More Than Know



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