The American, who took the fashion world by storm – James Edward Quaintance III

James Edward Quaintance III or Jimmy Q is one to watch. The Venice beach-native is a pro-skater, tattooist, model and rock star.

Jimmy was born in Venice, aka Dog Town, LA, the mecca of skateboarding.  He started his career as a pro-skater and at some point teamed up with Trapstar and Dexter Navy to deliver us a video titled “True Riders never give up”. He’s not just good at what he does, he’s incredible! Just type his name into YouTube and you’ll see numerous videos of his skate stunts in Venice. He defines gravity and I’m not exaggerating.

Jimmy’s talent doesn’t end here. He’s a professional tattoo artist as well. Quaintance has done his apprenticeship in Venice. He, himself is a walking work of art as he has a good amount of tattoos (as every self-respecting tattoo artist would). He considers his tattoos as a blessing, as they reflect his life and memories. After all whilst growing up, he was heavily influenced by the tattoo/skateboard culture in LA.

I don’t think that there is a person who wouldn’t notice James walking down the street. He has that Cali cool attitude mixed with a punk rock vibe. Appearance-wise what’s notable about him is the 50s clothing style, slick hair, cigarette and the ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude. But let’s get down to business – Jimmy Q’s also a model, signed with Select models. He’s been the object of discussion of many fashion blogs.  JQ has graced the runway for Oliver Spencer for Fall/Winter 2012 as well as Pringle of Scotland at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013. Additionally, the tattooed model was featured in a presentation for Superdry’s collaboration with Timothy Everest. He’s also been on the pages of Huge, Wylder and Nylon and made an appearance in Redlight King’s video for Old Man (which I will post underneath the article.)

Finally, Quaintance is the vocalist of the punk rock band called Former Lovers. It was formed only some months ago in London, where he currently resides with his wife Pippa Holland. If you’re interested in this project like their FB page at and stay tuned for news and music.

There you have it. Pro-skater, tattooist, model and punk rock front man. His talents are endless and I honestly can’t understand how he  keeps up with all of them but he obviously manages. He wins my admiration in that department. I would like to state an observation I’ve made about James Edward Quaintance III – it seems that he has never forgotten where he came from and he has kept that Cali feel, which can clearly be found in every aspect of his life and attitude. But most of all, he inspires me because although he’s successful in everything he does, he still is a well-grounded human being and hasn’t changed who he is amid all the attention and fame.

Extra – Interview with Jimmy Q –

Here is the promised video for Redlight King’s Old Man –

And additional videos featuring JQ

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