Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorge’s ‘White Noise’ single and Hudson Mohawke’s remix

Recently Disclosure along with AlunaGeorge released their new single called White Noise. It’s a really catchy dance pop/house track with vocals that can bring shivers down your spine and rarely will there be a person who doesn’t like it. You can have a look at  Oh and let’s not forget White Noise’ official video –

Not long after, about 2 weeks later, Hudson Mohawke released his remix of the tune. There’s more sensible bass than in the original and additional elements as well. As a whole, it’s a really good version, maybe even better than the original. You can decide for yourselves which one you like better, here’s the remix –

Let’s get back to the UK duo Disclosure, which in its short existence has managed to make a huge impact on the dance scene and on the UK official dance chart. It’s a really difficult task to find someone who has the same musical taste and inhibitions as yourself. Luckily, the lads of Disclosure didn’t have to look further than their home. The project consists of the two brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, originating from Croydon. Even though they are very young (respectively 18 and 21), they are not newbies in terms of music since they come from a musical family. Their dad has played the guitar in multiple bands and their mom is a singer. Maybe that explains why their live performances aren’t like all the other DJ’s. The guys aren’t simply sitting behind two Mac’s, because they use keyboard, bass guitar, drum machines and drum pads. They try to make their shows as entertaining and technical as possible.

If the dubstep pioneer Skream takes the guys seriously and likes collaborating with them at events, that means they’re the real deal. Two months ago Skream and Disclosure did an amazing mix at the Boiler Room party at W Hotel in London.


Their tracks are characterised by a mix of house/dance/electronic sound, pleasant vocals and well stylised technical elements. When asked about their genre the Howard brothers have come up with quite an answer. They call it ‘lovestep’. It seems that they find this category to be the most suitable one for their music, in this way creating something authentic of their own.

If there’s anything to look forward to, its Disclosure’s debut album. Its title is still unknown, however, it is expected to be released this spring – in March or April, if everything goes according to plan. The boys don’t share too much info about their album – the only few known things are firstly, that they have experimented quite a lot with the album’s sound and secondly, they have collaborated with many surprising artists, but that’s it. Nothing more to tell you about the project.

It just seems as though we’ll have to be patient and see what the result is. 🙂

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