Weekend Playlist No.3!

Hello everyone! Hope your week has been positive and productive 🙂 For this weekend I’ve decided to go on a more rock/metalish vibe. Here are today’s recommendations 😉

1.The Belle Brigade – I Didn’t Mean It

2.Avenged Sevenfold – Scream

3.Linkin Park – Lost In The Echo

4.Escape The Fate – Day of Wreckoning

5.Five Finger Death Punch – The Pride

6.Ill Nino – La Epidemia

7.Lacuna Coil – Kill The Light

8.Orgy – Opticon

9.Orgy – Grime of the Century

10.P.O.D. – Sweeping Awake

11.Papa Roach – The Enemy

12.Placebo – Meds

13.Skold – The Point

14.Evanescence – Made of Stone (Renholder Remix)

15.The Cure – Apart (Renholder Remix)

16.My Chemical Romance – Teenagers

17.You Me At Six – Bite My Tongue (feat. Oli Sykes)

18.30 Seconds To Mars – Closer to The Edge 😉

Have a very sunny and positive weekend! 🙂




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