30 Seconds To Mars released new single Up In The Air and announced date for their upcoming album Love Lust Faith + Dreams!

30 Seconds To Mars have done it again! 🙂 After a month of heavy anticipation the guys have released their brand new single called Up In The Air. What can I say, it’s great, I love it. It’s a bit more different from their previous work, you know less rock and more of a dance sound but the vibe and hook of the song are incredible! To be honest I was a bit pessimistic about how it might have came out but after hearing it, I feel so relieved. Which other band can say that they launched their new single in outer space, huh? Not many! 30 Seconds to Mars rock so they deserve this opportunity! I will post both the song underneath and a video of the special Q&A at NASA headquarters in Houston  🙂


In addition, the guys finally revealed what the new album’s title will be and when it will be released. Boys and girls, mark 21 May on your calendars as that’s when Love Lust Faith + Dreams will be released! I am sure that Jared, Tomo and Shannon will pleasantly surprise us even more with Love Lust Faith + Dreams 😉 stay tuned for more info.


And just in case the above video gets removed for some reason:



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