International Day Against Homophobia

Jack, Highschoolers Against Homophobia, Sydney
Jack, Highschoolers Against Homophobia, Sydney (Photo credit: acon online)

The majority of people claim to be open-minded but we all know how society is and how it looks upon the different. I will confess that people have become a bit more acceptive of homosexual and transgendered people but it is still a rather big issue.

The media are rather sympathetic and a lot of celebrities are supportive of the gay and lesbian groups, however, the reality is quite different. The truth is that few minority groups have been discriminated against as the gays and lesbians.

Many homosexuals are afraid to live out their true sexual orientations because they will encounter difficulties if they do. ‘Coming out of the closet’ isn’t as easy as it seems, that is why most individuals end up role-playing to protect themselves and are forced to live a lie.

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAH)
That is why the IDAH was established by the French Canadian organisation Fondation Emergence. It is on the 17th May and it is a special day dedicated to raising social awareness of homosexual experience. It will be celebrated until homosexuality receives unlimited social acceptance and homophobia is wiped out.

How should IDAH be seen by society? 
IDAH shouldn’t be perceived as a “victimization” philosophy, just the opposite! It should be seen as an opportunity to highlight the positive effect of homosexuality and celebrate the contribution of lesbians and gays to society.

Who is this campaign aimed at? 
It is aimed at all of those people who see homosexuals and their desire to get married to their other half as a perversion.
Also, contrary to popular belief, many homosexual individuals adopt homophobic behaviour, hoping it would protect them against prejudice from their entourage. In other cases they adopt homophobic behaviour because they cannot cope to accept themselves and their different sexuality.

In conclusion…
IDAH is a day about all people hoping for a prejudice-free world that can provide a place at the table for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. Let’s hope that someday it will become reality but until that time we can all pitch in and try to be more understanding of other people’s needs.


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