Wild Belle – The next big thing?

Wild BelleWild Belle might remind you a bit of Lana Del Ray after having a quick go at their songs. However, the similarities end here as Wild Belle is fresher sounding, with an eclectic mix of genres and a great variety of instruments, well stylized within each track. Sibling collaborations are not a new phenomenon but it seems that since recently, they are becoming quite popular and taking over the music world. A few well-known or not exactly examples which I would like to give are Tegan and Sara, The Veronicas, Oasis and Carney. In addition to them I’d like to add the newly formed band Wild Belle. I am very happy to be one of the few to know about them and have the opportunity to write about a fresh artistic project and not about a commercial product (such as Nicki Minaj or Ke$ha, for instance). I see a bright future for Natalie and Elliot Bergman.

Let’s go back a bit and see how the project came to life. During his time at college, Elliot formed Nomo where Natalie would perform every now and then. At first, she took care of the merch booth, then started playing percussions and eventually became the lead vocalist. Natalie was an indispensable member of Nomo, where she became closer with Elliot, be it artistically or emotionally.


Natalie was extremely gifted when it came to song writing and coming up with the melodies to them. The music, which she wrote, wasn’t Nomo material and that is where the idea for Wild Belle came from. Here, Elliot is in charge of the production and instruments and Natalie’s angelic voice has become a trademark for the project. Their debut album, called Isles, was released on 12th March. The tracks are 11 in total and they are a good blend of reggae, jazz, indie pop, ambient and funk. You can listen to Isles here: http://www.rdio.com/artist/Wild_Belle/album/Isles/

Isles is inspired by the work of Etta James, Bob Marley, Outcast, Eurythmics, Tom Tom Club and Delroy Wilson. The tracts that you wild-belle (1)must check are Keep You (featured in Pitch Perfect’s OST), It’s Too Late and Backslider.

In Another Girl and Love Like This, Natalie’s vocals might remind you of Lana Del Ray but without all of the sorrow which Ray transmits into her songs. Furthermore, in Another Girl you can recognise some traditional Western gospel elements.

Overall… Wild Belle is raising the bar high with the project’s first album. The Bergman siblings have done such a splendid job with Isles, that you start to wonder whether you’d like to continue with the next song or repeat the previous one for the thousandth time. This record will make you crave for more so that you can quench your musical thirst and give you something different than a conventional pop hit.

Without any shadow of a doubt Wild Belle is destined for greatness and it is going to make it big!

wild-belleHere is their whole first album. Additionally – the music video for Keep You, a live performance of Keep You, It’s Too Late’s official music video, a sick remix by Snakehips of It’s Too Late and Backslider’s video:


Keep You:

Keep You Live at Mulberry Mix Tape Tour:

It’s Too Late:

It’s Too Late (Snakehips remix) :



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