Moscow’s Secrets

largestHave you ever heard the term – you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg?  Well our story is going to begin with it. Why? –  I hear you ask – because in our everyday lives we see only a very small part of the things around us – be it people, stories, news and even the truth. In order to understand the essence of these things, we need to look beyond the visible and go deeper, look from other perspectives, change our point of view. It’s not a coincidence that the popular term goes as it does – you know, when you see an iceberg, you don’t see the whole thing, you never do. Underneath the glacial surface of the water, there are tons of deadly ice, which you could never even imagine. This is one of the messages which the recent posters put up by Shchusev National Museum of Architecture in Moscow is trying to get across to us, in a bit of a roundabout way.

These posters show us three of Moscow’s most iconic buildings – St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, the Lomonosov Moscow State University and Bolshoi Theatre – and how they would look, had their foundations been built underground. These illustrated subterranean structures look majestic and life-like.

There is even a legend that goes as follows – as a precaution against nature’s furry or a scenario of stalin1802the doomsday dimension, the architects and authorities decided to build a staggering subterranean equivalent of Moscow. Its purpose was to become a safe haven for the people. Whether that story is true or not is completely irrelevant. What the message of the Shchusev National Museum’s posters could translate to is– Be curious! Don’t be frightened to ask questions. The posters say it themselves – Discover the full story. Demand answers and seek more knowledge. Go and really find out if the story is true by visiting the museum’s exhibitions.

calligraphy2901_finalAnd don’t just be satisfied only with what is visible to the naked eye and with information served to you on a silver platter. I would wholeheartedly have to agree with this initiative, because I can see less and less people that would go the extra mile and try to find out the truth in life. Don’t be one of them, please.

You can see better images of the posters right here:



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