NEW! 30 Seconds to Mars reveal new song off Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams



Thirty-Seconds-to-Mars30 Seconds to Mars did it again! After the visual and purely creative music video for Up In The Air, they decide to reward their loyal echelon with a new song. It is called Conquistador and it sounds more rocky, 70’s rock to be exact. It has a very energetic vibe to it. It makes you want to get up and face all the hardships, which you’ve been running from and defeat every single one of them. The bigger part of the fanhood on YouTube is stating that Conquistador is better than Up In The Air. Others are overwhelmed with that statement. Personally, I like them both. They are different in terms of sound, lyrics and idea, so it would not be a fair comparison. Each song has its own charm. The Mars lads have put in a lot of effort and heart into both, so there’s no reason to make preference.

Enjoy the song:




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