Preview of Avenged Sevenfold’s new track and three confirmed UK tour dates!

wrlyTWVA7X have been teasing us for a while now – with their cryptic Facebook updates and their official site now resembling one of those retro radios, which has switches and plays iconic songs from different Avenged Sevenfold eras. The last song being a short preview of some new material. According to Shadows, the band is going to return to the Pantera and Merallica inspired sound. Good for them, I say. So far, Shadows and co haven’t disappointed  their devoted fans.

They haven’t shared much news about the new album, apart from letting us know that they’re putting the finishing touches to it.

However, A7X has confirmed three UK tour dates: in London, Manchester and Birmingham. For the first time since Download Festival 2011, they will be playing in front of their UK crowd. The tour dates are as follows:

Manchester Arena (November 30)
London Wembley Arena (December 1)
Birmingham LG Arena (December 5)

In addition to all that, it will be incredible to hear how Arin Ilejay is doing on the new record. He has had some pretty big shoes to fill (R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan) but I think that so far, he’s done an incredible job to compliment the work of A7X. You go Arin 😉

We’d have to wait a bit for some updates but until then we’ve got this short preview of the new song. Enjoy!



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