Team V’s amazing initiative at St. Luke’s Church Centre, Birmingham

One of the volunteers hard at work. Credit goes out to Leon Rice
One of the volunteers hard at work. Credit goes out to Leon Rice

Friday (17.05.2013) Team V, with the help of a bunch of volunteers, have fully revamped the children’s crèche at St. Luke’s Church Centre. It has been six years since the local community has been using the centre and it was high time for a change. The Team V members have done a marvellous job by turning the dull-looking nursery into a fresh and welcoming place. The two colours, chosen by Team V for the crèche, respectively blue and yellow, are quite suitable and the kids will probably appreciate the change. In addition to the refreshed crèche, the team has bought a lot of new toys for the kids, as there were not nearly enough before. The initiative was documented and covered by the Youth Media Television. Its members took interviews from the volunteers, Team V Network Coordinator Amy, the Campaign’s Leader Antitsa and the people that work at the community centre.

This is just another way to make a difference. After all, Team V’s motto is “Changing The World One Campaign At A Time” and so they are doing. The benefits of the campaign at St. Luke’s Church Centre are endless. Firstly, the youths from the local education provider (Archway Academy Independent School) have become involved in giving back to the local community and bettering it significantly. These youths are gaining invaluable experience and skills from taking part in Team V – they are learning how to cooperate, give back to the community, become the future leaders and most importantly, they want to make a change and are more than ready to do so. Additionally to gaining these transferable skills, the youngsters get the opportunity to enrich their CV and become more attractive from an employer’s point of view. Why is that so? – Because the volunteers get to develop their skills further and they get a certificate, which outlines their contribution to the certain campaign.

Team V is designed for young people, who are socially aware and want to change things for the better. It is a nine-month programme, which is a blend of personal development, skills building and community action. The programme empowers young people to lead, deliver and campaign on current social issues. It gives them the amazing opportunity to gain practical experience in event management, budgeting, PR and leadership. Previous campaigns, just to mention a few, include Food Poverty, Youth Homelesness, Transforming Unsolved Community Spaces and Child Literacy. At the end of the day, Team V is a big family, which is spread around the whole of the UK. The family sticks together, the members help each other plan and bring to life the different campaigns and most of all, within Team V, you are making friends for life.

Our four volunteers, after the creche has been completely revamped. Credit goes out to Leon Rice.
Our four volunteers, after the creche has been completely revamped. Credit goes out to Leon Rice.

My personal outlook from the Friday initiative is very positive. I have met many people, coming from different backgrounds, joining forces to do good. Seeing young people volunteer brings back hope for a better future. It is so nice to see that people would like to work together, put in the effort and do something for their community. I applaud these campaigns and wholeheartedly support them. I would love nothing more than to see Team V grow even more and to be able to lead many more positive campaigns such as the one at St. Luke’s.

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