Listen to Thirty Seconds To Mars’ ‘Love Lust Faith + Dreams’ RIGHT HERE!

tumblr_mjbgaoNd2g1qm9pv9o1_1280Imagine my excitement today when I was checking the mail and found my deluxe edition CD+DVD of Love Lust Faith + Dreams lying there within the pile of letters. My heart kind of skipped a beat and then I ran upstairs to check out the DVD and then put on the CD. I haven’t been this happy in a long time – true story. I have read many opinions on LLF+D and they’ve been really mixed. Some members of the Echelon weren’t too happy with it, as they thought that the band has went in a different direction. One, that they don’t stand by. Others stated that it was an incredible piece of work, as all 30 STM records so far. I am more inclined to agree with the latter.

After having a go at the album, I can say that I honestly like what Jared, Shannon and Tomo have created. They have grown artistically and that is obvious. You wouldn’t want to listen to the same sounding songs on each upcoming album, right? Well then, I don’t see the problem. The songs are well crafted, the Thirty Seconds To Mars feeling is present, the songs are inspiring and very positive. And yes, they do sound different, but that precisely is their charm. 🙂 My personal favorites would have to be Do or Die, Bright Lights, City of Angels, The Race and Up in the air. Too many song, I know, I can’t help it 😀

tumblr_mkfpv9oFb91qbfqsco1_500When you open the record’s cover, you see that the songs are color coded, to match the lyrics of each song – whether the song is about Love, Lust, Faith or Dreams. I think it’s quite clever of the Mars crew. But now I will stop my rant and let you have your own chance with LLF+D. You can only hear a preview of it here, on my blog though. In order to hear the whole album, you would have to go here and log in. Hope you enjoy it 😉


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