Check out Stone Temple Pilots’ new single Out Of Time

stp-chester-800x400This is Stone Temple Pilots’ first single after Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has taken over the vocals. It’s not a bad single, it sounds rocky and kind of raw. I just wasn’t picturing Chester singing a song like this, it’s a bit, mmm, too mainstream for me. To me, Chester did his best in the early LP years, you know, whenever they were actually making good and meaningful music. Now, not as much. I can’t say that I’m a fan of their more alternative rock side. They’re still ok to listen to but not as good. I’d even say that Chester’s other project – Dead By Sunrise, along with the Julien-K lads suits him better. Ok, I’m going to stop ranting and let you decide if the track’s good or not.

I wish Chester all the luck with STP and hopefully, the next single could be a bit more impressive. Anyway, check Out of Time bellow.




10 thoughts on “Check out Stone Temple Pilots’ new single Out Of Time

  1. oh, yeaaa good old LP songs the best!! Agree that Chester is good with Dead by Sunrise. But this song is crap tbh. He could do better than this. Anyway, like this article and agree with your opinion Ana xx

    1. STP sound awful with LP’s Chester Bennington Doing the vocals. Being a fan of both bands, it sounds like an odd collision. I hate it! I totally agree with loving the old LP songs though. The newer songs are OK, but they don’t have as much depth I feel.

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      1. I would have to agree with you, Chester seems like an odd choice for STP and the results aren’t good. And what about the war between STP and Linkin Park’s fans? It’s ridiculous! True, LP’s current songs aren’t nearly as good as before. I wish they could do a record more like Hybrid Theory and Meteora but the chance of that happening is slim to none.

      2. He IS an odd choice. That’s a good way of putting it. The fan war would be worth it if the music turned out well, but it obviously hasn’t. Now there’s a war of fans AND music opinions haha. I wish so too. Those were my two favourite albums, especially Hybrid Theory. No one can recreate songs that good !

      3. I would have to agree with you. If the music was good, the fan wars would be kind of justified but since that’s not the case, the madness needs to stop! Hopefully, Chester will come to his senses and go back to LP and better yet, record new material with Dead By Sunrise Now that would be good news!
        And yes, Hybrid Theory and Meteora are, were and will continue to be Linkin Park’s best work to date.

      4. I totally agree! I don’t mind the song “Burn it Down” and “Catalyst,” but there’s still no comparison to Hybrid Theory and Meteora! 🙂

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