AFI – are they preparing us for a new record?

afiAFI have posted three different short videos, all in black & white, that are leading us to believe that a new album is set for September 2013. The three videos have been posted on their official site – The first video, titled AFI, follows Davey Havoc walking down a corridor and finally joining the other AFI band members on-stage and then starting to perform, in a passionate nature. In the mean time, some text or maybe lyrics of a future song is being recited, kind of like a chant. The next two videos, called Convergence and No Harbingers, are about a minute-a minute and a bit long and have a mysterious and maybe a little bit of a macabre feeling to both of them. These two videos remind me of American Horror Story: Asylum’s previews. If you’re an AHS fan, you’ll know what I mean 😉 What is AFI preparing? I have no other guess than an album, but my main question would be – What will the tone of this record be? Will it be melancholic? Borderline depressive or something entirely surprising? One can only guess at this point. Here are the videos, so you could maybe share your own thoughts on them.



No Harbingers



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