Download Saving Abel’s brand new track, called Mystify + news about Saving Abel’s future ventures

mistifysinglePlatinum southern rockers have released a new track, called Mystify. It’s a really good southern rock track with cool guitar riffs and passionate lyrics. Give it a try:

If you’ve liked it, you can download it here for free. The only thing you’d need to provide is your e-mail address.

Also, it seems like we should be expecting an EP from them. It will be called “Cracking the Safe” and it will be released on August 6th.I personally can’t wait to hear it. Saving Abel are evolving with every new song and they seem to be going in a more harder direction.

In the mean time, the band’s new recordings will be released via their own label Hell No Pick’n, which is a joint venture with JHMPthat will be run by Hanson, who also founded and runs the Warner distributed Silent Majority Group (Framing Hanley, Candlebox, Tantric).

Saving Abel’s official web site reads the following, in terms of their future recordings and major labels:

Cracking the Safe was produced and mixed by Saving Abel’s longtime friend, collaborator and producer Skidd Mills who has produced all three of the band’s previous albums. Skidd says “I think this is creatively the beginning of a really interesting new chapter for Saving Abel. Their writing has taken on a new direction that while it stays true to their rock roots and the sound that made them a platinum act and active rock core artist, it really encompasses the southern rock and country flavor of their influences like Lynyrd Skynryd ,‘38 Special and Johnny Cash.” Guitarist Jason Null says “we have really had enough of the major label machine, when we had a number one hit we had the world in the palms of our hands but when our last single only went to twelve, we were paying for the label’s dinner! Singer Jared Weeks says “we felt like our last album was our best album to date but somebody somewhere decided it wasn’t the priority at the moment so we have literally been forced to take matters into our own hands.” Manager and label chief Jeff Hanson says “ We are now doing everything on our own terms including giving our music away for free to encourage fans to come to our live shows which are amazing. We are also actively looking for bands to bring into the mix that we can help drive our fans to support, tour with, and will be happy having BBQ’s with their fans like we do”. The band is currently headlining the Reverb Nation sponsored “Rock for Relief” tour raising money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


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