Sick Puppies’ new MV for There’s No Going Back

385ef0e5c1bda175fa76c9f812a6e971The Australian alternative  rockers have returned with a bang. Their new track, There’s No Going Back, tells the story of every single person on this planet – the transition which you make from when you were young to the present. How foolish and arrogant we can be at  17, how you could be trapped in your own personal hell in your mid-20’s and how passed opportunities come to hunt you with their could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. In the end, the conclusion is that you should never turn back and open the doors to the past – the past is in the past. As Sick Puppies say – Thank God it doesn’t last! Good riddance to it.

I love the song, the music video and the message behind them. Check them out, you might like it as well 🙂


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