Review of 3OH!3’s Omens

3OH3+30h3The Colorado duo 3OH!3 is back with their brand new fourth record Omens. It’s electropop tracks are great for whenever you’re in a high-on-life sort of mood or if you really feel like partying. The album has 11 tracks and the delux edition has 4 bonus tracks – Slow Motion, Go F**k Yourself!, New Girl and I’ve Become.

The lyrics aren’t genius, but in all honesty nobody actually expected them to be. Depending on whether you’re in a chilled out mood or feeling down, you can either find them funny and witty at times or you might roll your eyes and sigh. Just giving you an example – I’m used to having hands on me – yeah you can call me Big Ben or I can taste it on your tongue – you’ve been sleeping with someone, but as I already said – it’s not supposed to be a piece of art. You might enjoy You’re Gonna Love This and it’s mv shows us trick shooting at it’s best.

imagesAnyway, this time 3OH!3 have steered away from collaborating with famous musicians like Katy Perry or Ke$ha and have tried to put more of a personal touch to their music. Whether it’s an improvement or not, you’d have to decide for yourself. I generally like it. I personally listen to Omens whenever I go running, am having a walk in the sun or travelling. I’d give 3OH!3’s attempt a 6/10.

Listen to it here:


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