AFI major news! Burials out October 22nd and new single release!

1014156_443575545750372_2016748714_n1A Fire Inside (AFI) have scheduled the Crash Love follow-up  to hit the market October 22nd via Republic Records! That’s grand news, considering the band’s new single I Hope You Suffer is absolutely smashing. From the very first time I heard it, I knew I was hooked. Heavy guitar riffs, stunning vocal performance by Davey Havoc and the feeling of rage, hate and sorrow, all in one throughout the whole song. I’d be lying if I was to deny putting I Hope You Suffer on repeat for an embarrassingly long time :d but guess what? – I still love it!


Burials will be AFI’s ninth full-length album and judging from one of Davey’s interviews, the band has put in an enormous amount of effort to make this record one to watch out for. Accordingly, this record took so long  because Jade and Havoc wanted to make sure that they were absolutely happy with the end result and that the fans would get the message of their music.

AFI-2013In an interview with Rolling Stones, Davey shed a little light on the message and feeling of the album:

“It is certainly – embarrassingly so – a very dark album, especially in its candidness, which is something, to be honest, that’s disappointing to me. It’s something I just keep coming back to – I can’t escape it. It’s always a joy to me to reach away from that. But the themes and sentiments on this record are within that darker realm and that darker tone because I’ve always been honest in everything that I write. It’s beyond me. I’m crippled. There’s nothing I can do but be genuine in my writing, and that’s what came out this time – without any sort of pointed effort.”

Without further ado – ladies and gentlemen, I Hope You Suffer‘s lyrics video:


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