Panic! At The Disco return with Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! Check out their sizzling single Miss Jackson

mgid-uma-content-mtv (1)Brendon Urie and our favorite Panic! At The Disco lads are returning with a bang – from Urie’s interview with MTV, it seems as though Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! is inspired by A$AP Rocky and shows a darker, gorier side to P!ATD. Unlike their previous album Vices and Virtues, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare To Die is all about the vices and decadence of Las Vegas, which just happens to be the guys’ hometown. It’s sort of like an ode to their Vegas roots.

“The songs I was writing came from me seeing Vegas in a new light; I mean, when we left Vegas, we were 17, 18 and we were pretty bitter because we couldn’t do all the things everyone else could. We couldn’t play gigs, we weren’t allowed in the bars, so we were pissed off,” he said. “But in the past couple years I’ve visited Vegas quite a bit, and I started doing things I never thought I would do, like going out to clubs, and for some reason that really struck a chord with me. People go there to lose themselves in the moment, and drop their guard, and it hit me in a way. Like, ‘Wow, I want to do that. I want to make music like that, that moves people, that’s a party, that makes you feel good.'”

In terms of TWTL, TRTD’s sound, Urie tells MTV news:

mgid-uma-content-mtv“It’s similar in that it’s eclectic. But this time around, the songs are pretty different. One song sounds like it could be an ’80s, Depeche Mode type deal, another sounds like a mix of a Toto drum part with, like, weird arena-rock guitars. There were a lot of things I was pulling from; I listened to a lot of hip hop actually, like A$AP Rocky … all the new stuff that’s coming out was blowing my mind.”

“Hip hop is doing the new rock thing; there are no rules,” he continued. “They can do anything, really. And that’s inspiring.”

The record’s first single, called Miss Jackson premiered on 15th July, its video being a little bit creepy – Brendon’s covered in blood, going out of his mind, cutting off heads and all 😀 The song is an homage to Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit “Nasty.” Urie makes a lot of references to it in the lyrics. Nevertheless, Brendon states that Miss Jackson also refers to a previous relationship experience which went bad. It’s quite an intimate song for him and according to our sources, he’s been keeping the song for months on his laptop before actually sharing it with his bandmates.

“‘Miss Jackson’ is about something that actually happened to me when I was younger. I hadn’t really talked about it, and I felt that if I didn’t, I would keep thinking about it, it would drive me crazy,” Urie said. “When I was younger, I would mess around; I’d sleep with one girl one night, sleep with her friend the next night, and not care about how they felt, or how I made them feel. And then it happened to me and I realized ‘Wow, that’s what that feels like? I feel really sh—y.’

What can I say about the track? – It took me by surprise at first, since it’s a little bit out of character for P!ATD and the sound’s really different (kind of reminds me of Fall Out Boy’s My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark) but likable, nevertheless. I’m stoked about their new album and October 8th can’t come any sooner.

Now, I’ll leave you to Miss Jackson 😉

Oh and thank you MTV news for the resources 🙂


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