Sick Puppies’ Connect Review

Sick-Puppies-Connect-Album-Cover-ArtworkSick Puppies is one of those bands that grow with each new record. Growth is what you can find in their newest album Connect (which was released July 16th) as well. It reminds us of Tri-Polar in terms of sound (alt. rock/modern rock) but it lacks really strong tracks such as Survive, War and You’re Going down. It also lacks the aggression that was visible in Tri-Polar.

Connect is softer but good, nevertheless. Tracks that I’d point as my personal favorites would have to include Walking Away, The Trick The Devil Did, Healing Now and There’s No Going Back. Die To Save You, Where Did The Time Go and Connect are good but they’re lacking something that I can’t put my finger on.

I really like the aggression and statement-side of Gunfight but as with the ballad Telling Lies, there are some cringeworthy lyrics at places that kind of ruin the songs.

Under A Very Black Sky was a pleasant surprise as it was fully performed by Emma Anzai. If you are a fan of White Balloon, then you’ll definitely like Under A Very Black Sky.

Overall, the record’s good. It bears a certain similarity to Tri-Polar and it has some catchy tunes but maybe next time Sick Puppies could put in a little bit more emotions into their craft, as they used to during the Welcome To The Real Life and Dressed Up As Life eras. If they’d been a tad more passionate about Connect, it could have been an incredible work of art.


I wanted to share an outtake of a Loudwire article on Sick Puppies, where the guys mention their favorite tunes off Connect:

Drummer Mark Goodwin digs the first single ‘There’s No Going Back’ and the track ‘Gunfight,’ while bassist Emma Anzai cites the song ‘Healing Now’ as her favorite, explaining that she emulated Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea in her playing style on that tune. Meanwhile, frontman Shim Moore names the title track off ‘Connect’ as his personal favorite cut right now.


So there you have it – both my opinion and Sick Puppies’ favorites. I’d really like to hear your opinion on the album, so don’t be shy 😉

I’ll post the YouTube videos of each song (hopefully!) underneath, so you wouldn’t have to go off and search them.


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