Yasmin – my new favourite music act

tumblr_ls35atBXw41qjlzs1o1_400Ever since I heard her collaboration with Gorgon City, I was hooked on Yasmin, consequently finding out that she is a woman of many talents – she is a well-known DJ, incredible singer and fashion blog inspiration. She has it all – the brains, the brawn and the attitude. Born in Manchester, raised in Glasgow and finally settled down in London, Yasmin isn’t wasting her time. First off, she started her career as a DJ and gained recognition after DJ-ing at a private party of Pharrell (pssst N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams). From there, she became Eve’s favourite, was the opening act for N.E.R.D at 2008’s The Roudhouse and DJ-ed for the likes of Will.I.Am and Taio Cruz. Incredible, right?

Not only does Yasmin have mad DJ skills but she sings like a pro – no autotune and crap. One can say that her music style is as variable as her background. Listening to her tracks, you can sense the influence of reggae, jungle, dubstep, soul, hip hop and R & B. When asked what her music genre is, she answers:

I like to call it “trip-hop soul,” because there’s a lot of hip-hop soul, like back when Mary J. Blige started singing over hip-hop beats, and I like to think that I sing over different kinds of beats to other people at the moment.

The lovely Yasmin has collaborated with Shy FX, MS Dynamite, Chase & Status, Devlin, Gorgon City and Drums of Death. She is signed on to Ministry of Sound/Levels Entertainment.

The most notable thing that sets apart Yasmin from any other pop newcomer is that she doesn’t like her tracks to be over-produced and her voice –  auto-tuned. Like most British artists, she likes her music to be gritty sounding. More British, you can say.

My sound is gritty and British and it has a lot of soul. There are a lot of gritty beats and I like gritty, hard production. 

Not only does she want to be as raw as possible but she writes her own lyrics as well! She’s not one of those “pop princesses” who gets handed down the next uber-poppy track, destined to appeal to the masses. Nope, Yasmin definitely strays away from that path and career choice. The young Brit even hints about the difference between her approach to success and that of many “artists” (and I use this term lightly) that want to make it big in a short amount of time – And although the world is frightning, I will make it on my own. You go girl! I wish more artists were like her, but alas…

tumblr_m7nb22w5Au1r3fwrqo1_500I can definitely say that Yasmin rocks out the Massive Attack-inspired beats quite well and proves that she’s more than just a pretty face. Yasmin has the talent, the approach and knows how to pick her projects 🙂 She did move to London – the land of opportunity – for a reason, you know 😉

Now, please check her most resent collab with Drums of Death:

Gorgon City feat. Yasmin – Real

Yasmin feat Shy FX and MS Dynamite – Light Up (The World)

Yasmin – On My Own 

Yasmin – Finish Line (Freemasons Pegasus Remix)

Official Links:

And some truly cool blogs devoted to Yasmin:


2 thoughts on “Yasmin – my new favourite music act

  1. Great article Ana! 🙂 well done. Very interesting, thanks for bringing attention to Yasmin, just checked it out and its pretty good! 🙂 thanks <33 xxxx

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