Don’t miss out on Wilkinson’s massive tune “Afterglow”!

images Original music videos are pretty rare to come by nowadays. Good thing that booming up-and-comer d’n’b DJ Wilkinson has decided to tickle our aesthetic senses with his latest mv for “Afterglow”.  The story behind the video is the five-year union of a somewhat typical couple. The video outlines many facts of one typical relationship – from how many times the lovers have had a quarrel or how many friends got left behind to some comic occurrences, such as how many times the two have pranked each other. Wilkinson-Afterglow-official-video-680x300 Both the track and video are a breath of fresh air in this generic and mainstream music market. If you’re into energetic drum’n’bass tracks with sensual vocals, then Afterglow’s you’re go to song. It’s original Vevo video premier was on the 11th September, however, the track’s official release date is set for 13th October. It will be included in Wilkinson’s debut album “Lazers Not Included” which will be out a little bit before Halloween 🙂 (on the 28th October, to be exact). wilkinson_after Don’t miss out on this captivating masterpiece! Have a look below.


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