Disclosure feat Sasha Keable’s new Voices MV

tumblr_mo7tbbx99g1rcx14ao1_500Disclosure have surprised their loyal fan base just a few hours ago with an official video for Voices off their debut record “Settle”. The collaboration of Keable and Disclosure is a solid dance/house track (which I could easily title one of my favorites off Settle) but I’m failing to grasp the relevance of the video to the actual song. The video’s quite a bizarre one, illustrating a goddess, weird worshipers, even weirder dances and a concept, which could leave you a bit confused, for lack of a better term.

Overall, it’s enjoyable, but doesn’t do the track any justice. They could have at least included the lovely Sasha in the video, that would have made it a tad better.

sasha-1sAs criticizing is always way easier than creating, I’d like to stop at this point and take the liberty of asking you – what do you think of the video? Good, bad or just meh?

As always, you know I’m keen to hear your opinion, so don’t hold back 🙂

For more info:





Sasha Keable 






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