Sasha Keable’s Black Box EP. Review, preview and download ;)

Sasha-KeableLondon has been booming with quality talents for quite a long time now. In a city with such a cultural variety, which provides a scene for everyone who has the guts and talent to show what they’re made of, it’s not too surprising.

However, making a comparison between the mainstream so-called “talents” which you meet on MTV and the hidden gems of London, London outscores MTV easily. Take miss Keable for example. This young South London songstress has it all – the silky soulful voice, a knack for choosing her collaborations and her being a classy act, overall, make her a winner in my eyes.

5b80e8b6d079de4c81979d96f6c66ad8cd636877_650x440The 20-year-old Brit has been quite fortunate in her projects – being part of Disclosure’s smashing debut “Settle”, collaborating with Zinc in Only For Tonight and getting a 5-record deal with Disturbing London/Polidor. By all means, she deserves each and every win. Sasha manages to successfully showcase her writing skills (she writes her own lyrics), as well as her incredibly executed vocals in Black Box. The eight track EP will tickle your senses with its classy R&B/Soul sound.

Each song is a hit (not a miss) in its own way. As a personal favorite, I’d dub Careless Over You. Both the ambiance, which the song creates, the lyrics and the video make me love this song.

Asking For More is another crowd favorite, I would say. Minimalistic, yet touching. No need for any of those catchy house beats. Sasha pulls off the simplified tracks with ease.

Spoke To Myself is a mesmerizing masterpiece. Characterized by Sasha’s speak singing,sensuality and her enchanting soft vocals, it makes you want to put it on replay… for days.

Unlike her collaborations with Disclosure and Zinc, she steers clear of the commercial feel to her songs.

How does she describe her songwriting and arrangements? As a person, raised on and inspired by 80s music, hip-hop and metal, her tracks could only be eclectic and ever evolving. This factor makes her even more interesting in the music lover’s eyes, as you don’t know what to expect from the lovely miss Keable.

Black Box EP is a must hear and must own. As a treat, Sasha has released her debut as a free download from her official site The only thing which you’d have to do, is provide your email address and you’ll be able to get Black Box for keeps.

If you’re one of those people, who’d rather preview something before downloading it, well then here you go:

We’re going to be hearing more and more about this lil lady, so take notice.

As always, please, do not hesitate to let me know what you think 😉


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