Chelsey Mac – career, modeling, tattoos and… more!

416895_363105547054222_922132910_nIf you haven’t encountered this lady before, her name is Chelsey Mac. This tattooed vixen is born in Canada, where she lived till she’s 16 years of age and afterwords, moves with her family to Australia. Even though Chelsey no longer lives in Aussie land, she still considers it to be her home. Whilst in Australia, she has been diving competitively.

Chelsey’s not your everyday girl though. Although, Mac has a stable job as a graphic designer, she also does photo shoots for clothing companies (From the Darkest of Shadows, Kill The Music (Brisbane), Black Craft Clothing and Rusted Horse Clothing) and magazines (i.e. Inked Girls) as an alternative model. Why “alternative modeling” you ask? – Well, Chelsey’s an ink lover and has lots and lots of it. She claims to have been tattooed by some of the tattoo rock stars – Rachel Park at Black Throne Tattoo, Dan Smith at High Voltage Tattoo and Trevor Friedrich. Even through she seems to love ink as much as I do 😉 , she claims that she will never get a neck or a hand piece done, as she would not want to be judged in her work environment for her art but rather for her abilities and talent.

Apart from tattoos Chelsey enjoys travelling, modelling and spending time with her Aussie husband Rhys and their two pug pups – Wednesday and Pugsley.

Have a look at miss Mac’s modelling potential below.

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You can can follow miss Mac on here:


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