Nero – Satisfy??? Yes, please!

Nero-Zane-Lowe-ArtworkkMy favorite British electronic trio has recently surprised me with a new track! It’s so good, that it could possibly be labeled a rival (why not?) of ‘Promises’ for the best Nero track spot to this date. The track is hyper dynamic and has some awesome drops. Alana’s vocals are as impeccable as always, no shocker there. In short – don’t miss it, guys! You’ll surely regret it if you don’t give Satisfy a listen… or a hundred 😉

The sneaky trio teased their fans by releasing two pieces of information – a name and a date. To be more exact – Satisfy, 13th May. The wait is over and it was worth it! The tune made its’ debut on the Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ (prerequisite of becoming a huge hit). Supposedly, Nero will be releasing their second, still untitled album later in the year via Universal Music. That’s as far as our intel about the new EP goes, unfortunately.



Considering that it has been three years since Welcome Reality, I’m anxious to see what Alana, Joe and Daniel have in store for us, manic EDM fans. I take Satisfy to be a rather encouraging sign, don’t you?



Have a look at the club banger below. Feedback, as always, will be welcome.



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