Huxley ft. Yasmin – Say My Name and more!

The one and only Yasmin is back and her tunes are better than ever (personal opinion ;)). She’s making a strong appearance on the EDM scene with her new collab with Huxley, titled Say My Name. The track is a pretty solid dance hit – catchy, has a natural flow to it and Yasmin’s perfect vocals. I have two words for this club banger – future hit! But honestly, don’t take my word for it – after all, everyone’s into different stuff and opinions tend to differ, so please, have a quick listen to Say My Name and let me know what you think.

This track is scheduled to be included in Huxley’s upcoming Blurred ED. Blurred will be officially released on 20th October via the Aus and !K7 labels.


But let’s stop with the Huxley talk for now (you’ll hear a lil bit more in a couple of days ;)) and continue with the mesmerizing Yasmin.


Judging from Yasmin’s official Facebook page, she’s hard at work recording new material in Amsterdam… and having a couple of well deserved beers, of course! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m burning in anticipation to hear something new from this fabulous lady.

However, until that time comes (speed up, will ya!), I will indulge you with a fantastic cover which Yasmin did of Whitney Houston’s Thinking About You. What can I say? You have to be pretty gutsy to even consider covering Whitney, however, the Rinse FM star does it with ease and shows us her different (and rather unique) interpretation of the golden hit. As always, Annie Mac had the joy and privilege to reveal this tune to us adoring fans. Please note that you can not only listen to it but you’ll also be able to download it and listen to Thinking About You one million times (just like me :)).



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