Kele Okereke feat. Yasmin – First Impressions

19166_279768559835_238060064835_3200831_3879186_nOur girl Yasmin has a new track! 🙂 ‘First Impressions’ is Yasmin’s sensual collaboration with Kele Okereke (lead vocal and rhythm guitarist of the British Indie band Block Party). In its’ essence, the track is a sensual ballad which aims to recreate that heady feeling of  meeting that special someone for the first time. I think that both Kele and Yasmin have done a fantastic job with this song. I don’t know about you but this track certainly struck a chord with me.

‘First Impressions’ will be featured in Kele’s upcoming conceptual album ‘Trick’ (to be released on October 13th via Lilac Records).

Kele 2

Unfortunately, as this track, along with all the other Trick ones are still set to private, I cannot properly embed it here. If you’d like to have a go at ‘First Impressions’ please visit the link below.

Make sure to tune into Rinse FM tomorrow, 15:00 – 17:00 GMT to get your weekly Yasmin garage/dance fix. 😉


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