Adam Lambert – The Original High – Album Review

rankin4Just like a fine wine, Adam Lamber gets better with age – be it his artistic pursuits or looks. I’ve been a huge Glambert since the start – you know, post-American Idol days when Adam first got his big break with ‘For Your Entertainment’.  I’ve stuck with the fabulous mr. Lambert since ‘Whataya Want from Me‘ through ‘Trespassing’ to ‘Ghost Town’ and I can see a great change in his work. He went through his flashy glam rock / pop phase and ended up with the synth pop mature Adam. Even though the pop idol has gone through a huge metamorphosis, one can still find the quirky, grounded, yet confident Adam during his various interviews. adam-lambertjpgToday, though, I’d like to tell you more about Adam’s recently released (12th June) third album, called ‘The Original High’. Peculiar title? Fret not, Adam has let us all in on  why he’s chosen this title for his new album: “I think we all have things in life that make us feel alive. Everybody’s after that rush, after that feeling. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s some sort of adrenaline rush. For me, performing – getting onstage in front of people, that makes me feel high as a kite,” Adam said. “So for me, it’s about looking back and kind of reminiscing about what was that thing that first made you feel that way, and is it possible to run back and get it or is that impossible, I don’t know.” Here, Adam has aimed at making the sound more chilled and intimate, pulling the audience in and making it feel the vibe, rather than bombarding their senses with flashy theatrics, as before. fiasco4Most of the recording work was carried out in Stockholm, whilst the finishing touches were done in LA. This time round, Adam’s record was produced by Warner Bros. Records, rather than RCA Records. Why? I hear you ask – due to creative differences between both parties but that is truly besides the point. The point is – the album’s great! The first single (which you’ve probably heard about a million times already on the radio), called ‘Ghost Town‘ dark House-y sound which sticks with you. Billboard has even dubbed it as ‘The Song of the Summer’. Not convinced by my words? Well then, check for yourself: The duet ‘Rumours‘ with Tove Lo is a really sensual piece with Lambert and the Swede’s voices naturally complementing each other very well. To be honest, I’m not a big Tove Lo fan but I have to confess – she’s done a splendid job in helping Adam to transpire all of these dark feelings into the track. ‘Underground‘ is another crowd favourite. Adam’s silky smooth vocals are well accentuated in this track which reminds us of that bitter-sweet moment when you’re falling so hard in love that you can’t bear the thought of being away from your significant other and would love to be submerged in each other.

Moving on to ‘The Original High‘ which is well suited to become a huge summer hit with its dance-y chilled feel. Although it may sound a bit too mainstream to most, it effortlessly shows off Lambert’s vocal range which in my opinion distinguishes ‘The Original High‘ from most cookie cutter pop songs out there.

Overall, I think that ‘The Original High’ is a natural artistic growth for Adam and I’d surely give it more than one listen. More like a repeat-for-a-day-or-two kind of album. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of ‘The Original High’ you can do so at the iTunes store, Amazon or Google Play.

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Love it, hate it or just feeling ‘meh’ about it, I’d like to hear what you think about Adam’s current musical pursuits, so please – don’t be shy and share away 🙂


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