Ryan Ashley Malarkey – Just another pretty face?

tumblr_static_811txfu99ickwsok000sg4o8o.jpgIt has been a while since I’ve religiously watched each Ink Master episode (about 2 years, give or take), however, after viewing a Season 8 video of one of the flash challenges, I was intrigued… Not by any of the usual suspects either (Navarro, Nunez or Peck) but by a rather alternative (and may I say, pretty kick ass, look-wise) lady called Ryan Ashley Malarkey. Now, I won’t deny the fact that she’s good looking but it was her style (quite understandable, as her first artistic love seems to be fashion) and pretty much head to toe artwork what won me over. Ryan’s covered by intricate black & grey art which at first might seem overwhelming to your eyes but you get to appreciate it as soon as you give them a good look.

f1769a5a1088db99a37b986cc4caa04aTo be honest, initially I was rather skeptical about her abilities, as we rarely see super talented female artists participating in Ink Master (my personal opinion, you don’t need to share it) but boy was I wrong about Ryan! Even though she’s super fresh in the tattoo craft (she just started her fifth year as a tattoo artist) her talent is pretty obvious, especially in her preferred black & grey style.  She is well versed in other styles as well (i.e colour, watercolor pieces, American traditional, etc.), however, Ryan’s chosen to specialise in black & grey intricate designs and does so pristinely.

I’d like to commend Ryan for becoming the first ever female Ink Master champ and for always supporting the other lady participants at the competition. Each lady was unique in her own way but it was refreshing to see how they stuck by each other and did their best to get as many of them to the final as possible.

Do note – if you ever want to get a piece done by Ryan, you need to book a slot in advance, as she doesn’t do walk ins at her shop.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ryan and/or check out samples of her work (apart from the slideshow below), please have a look at this page… and if you’re interested in her Strange & Unusual Oddities Parlor, browse here.

Instagram – @RyanAshleyMalarkey

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RyanAshleyM?lang=en

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures or videos. The above slideshow is taken from Ryan’s pics, so she’s the sole owner of this intellectual property. The YouTube videos are accordingly Spike TV and Blackcraft Whiskey owned.


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