Sofia Graffiti Battle 2 – What is it? What’s the idea?

Hi All! I’ve had a pretty eventful weekend and can’t wait to tell you about it! ‘Why?’ I hear you ask – well, because I’ve spent two days observing how awesome graffiti art got made, I had the opportunity to take as many pictures as my heart desired, got to chat with some pretty rad people and last but not least… I did some writing of my own 😉

_DSC0694My friends from Sofia Graffiti Tour organised this fabulous free entry two-day event (10 – 11 July) at one of the local schools in Sofia (93 SU Alexander Teodorov-Balan) where ten young graffiti artists had the opportunity to figuratively compete against each other and show off their writing skills. The idea of the event was to give back to the community, as the guys (the twins Tsvetan and Nikolay Bizevi) at Sofia Graffiti Tour (a two-hour walking tour which occurs every Saturday & Sunday at 3 PM; meeting point – the monument of St. Sofia, next to Serdica metro station in central Sofia) would like to give back to the community in this rather unorthodox and creative way – by giving the boring old school yard a complete makeover (from the cool kind 🙂 ). Now, just so you don’t think that it was a random makeover – no, there was a theme agreed with the school management and it was inspired by the Cyrillic alphabet (for the curious ones among you, photos below) and may I say – the artists did a fine job in revamping the outer gym walls and incorporating the alphabet in their graffiti.

LowFrequencies took care of the music and ensured that the two-day event’s atmosphere was as chill as possible (not to mention it was quite a nice sight to watch how the artists were jamming to the music whilst working on their pieces). 

The programme also included a graffiti workshop towards the end of the second day which aimed to give the graffiti newbies (psst! myself included 😉 ) an overview of what graffiti is, what are the different types of graffiti that exist, showing the different techniques used and giving the curious ones the chance to do some writing (be it in free style or via stencilling) of their own! Nikolay was awesome in keeping the young writers entertained with the help of visual aids, a walking tour around the finished graffiti in the school yard and by… giving them a can of spray paint and stencils… of course!



No matter what age group you’re in, I’d definitely encourage you to visit one of the events organised by Tsvetan & Nikolay (be it the weekly graffiti walking tour, next year’s graffiti fest or one of their other events) as they’re interactive, fun, give you a different perspective on art… and you also get to make new friends along the way! What more can you want? 🙂

Official Partners of Sofia Graffiti Battle II – SO Slatina Region, 93 SU Alexander Teodorov-Balan & LowFrequencies.



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