Escape The Fate’s Ungrateful

Firstly, I would have to start by saying that this video requires viewer discretion as it is too graphic. I do not recommend it to sensitive people and viewers, who are not of age, i.e. under 18.
Escape The Fate are returning to the music scene with a bang! The idea behind this video is to raise violence awareness. Society, no matter where, has become more perverted and twisted than ever. It seems as though everyone’s looking for a victim on which they can take out all of their negative energy, problems, frustration and violence.
The message here is clear – Violence breathes violence. The chain needs to be broken, so that less people have to experience any of it. Have a look at the kids mentioned at the end of the video – they have all been abused or bullied in one way or another, ending in the most undesirable and sad way.
As the video states – Violence is a vicious cycle that has taken many lives… and it urges for all of us to end that cycle now.
If you have a healthy nervous system and are confident that you can take it, have a go at the video. Experience all the pain that the abused bear and tell me if it is not heartbreaking? It is a very sad and graphic video where blood shed’s all around but it helps to raise awareness of this pressing problem. Escape The Fate have done a fine job of doing that and I would personally like to congratulate them on their work. The band has shown us violence’s ugly and rather dark side, it has helped us get to grips with what is going on and it has (hopefully) provoked us to think about what can be done. They can only do so much, everything else is in our hands. We need to do something and not just sweet the issue under the rug just like every other thing.
My last words would be – take a stand, break the cycle. Don’t just observe violence and never try to prevent it. Help the abused, get them on their feet, be human.


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