Song of the day


My choice of the day will be Saving Abel’s Bringing Down The Giant. If you have yet to encounter Saving Abel, waste no time – they’re too good to miss 😉



Today we have not one but two quality songs to put up here, both of them coming from the OST of Bang Bang You’re Dead. An amazing movie, dealing with one of the most serious problems of the 21st century at schools all over the world but most notably the US – bullying. I’d be happy to see that people are taking notice of this issue and are not closing their eyes if they see someone being bullied. It would make a big difference to the people that have to go through it if someone is there to back them up, believe me.

Ok, back to the songs now. Well all I can say is – a great movie and a matching OST to go with it. Hope you like my choices for today and remember – do not close your eyes to things happening in front of you! Thanks.


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