Imagine this picture – you’ve found a girl who you genuinely like and she, luckily enough, likes you back. Everything’s going great, life’s beautiful and then she invites you round to meet her father – serious bump in the road.

Dads hating their daughter’s boyfriends seems to be set in their DNA – you’re either never going to be good enough for her or you’ll be seen as perverting daddy’s little angel. As you can see, it’s a lose-lose situation. That’s why I have pitched in to help you with some useful tips on how to get into pops’ good graces.

Be a polite gentleman

No father wants to imagine you kissing his little princess, let alone anything else. That’s why you should only be friendly with your girl in his presence – there should be no hand holding, no light kisses on the cheek, no lovable looks. If you’re not cautious you’ll end up on daddy’s list of “Most Hated People on Earth” and you really don’t want to go there…

A weird, yet effective way to throw pops off your trail would be to give him the “fake celibacy speech”, how disgusting youngster’s sexual culture is nowadays and how you’d like to wait etc, etc. This is a bit unnerving to do, but totally worth it – at least you know her dad’s not going to kill you on the dining room table because he has the wrong idea.

Find some common ground

Another key to success is to please the old man by lying mercilessly about liking the things he does – if he likes Manchester United, then you’re their number one supporter too; if he likes drinking from midday then you better start training; if he likes collecting porcelain figurines, well… it sucks to be you.

Word of advice – don’t try too hard or else you’ll obviously be a suck-up and no one likes those.

Where’s the love?

Now you’ve gotten into pops’ good graces (which rarely happens) you need to maintain the effort. So, how do you do that, I hear you ask. The answer is simple – show him that you’re completely besotted with his daughter even if you’re not. Say all sorts of mushy trivial stuff like – “Oh, the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one.” It may sound stupid but equally so does the fact he let you come within 500 feet…



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