Things not to say at work

In the era where diplomacy and political correctness have gone wild, it is becoming more and more difficult to know what not to say at work. Why should you be careful about what you say in front of your boss or colleagues? Well because you could either end up looking like a dope, ruin your credibility at work or get yourself sacked.

There are some obvious sentences you should never use while at work, so listen up!

  • Bloody Hell!

Try to be as professional as possible and never utter a swear word if you would not like to be frowned upon.

  • This job sucks.

In these times of economic hardship, a large percentage of people are willing to take up jobs that do not particularly fit their skill set or excite them one tiny bit, however, the advice would be to hold back and never even consider saying – This job sucks! It is a dog-eat-dog world out there and rest assured that one of your colleagues will use this against you when it benefits them the most. They might wholeheartedly agree with you, however, in order to advance themselves your colleagues can become tattletales.

  • These managers don’t know what they’re doing.

Even though you might mean that the matters could be handled in a better way, what your colleagues and management are hearing is – What a bunch of idiots, they can’t do anything right! In that sense, you are begging to get fired, if that’s your objective – by all means, carry on. However, it would be a much better decision if you either keep quiet or simply make a suggestion as to what might be a better strategy.

  • It’s not my fault.

If by any chance your boss comes up to you with a problem, a losing strategy would be to start pointing fingers and denying fault. It would only show that you couldn’t be trusted to resolve a problem and to take responsibility of your actions. Remember, you are not in a court room and nobody is looking for a culprit at that time, help in resolving the issue, try and make sure it does not happen again.

  • Don’t say I told you, but…

The quickest way to become the most hated person in the office would be to spread gossip or discuss matters that are supposed to be kept a secret. You, yourself probably would  not like to become the subject of gossip so do not do it to other people. No one likes a gossip queen, right?

  • I got so trashed last night.

You are probably not the only one who’s had a fun evening with a couple of friends and (more than a couple of) drinks, but you’re the only one bragging to your boss or co-workers. After such revelations, you will only be frowned upon or considered as an unreliable and irresponsible worker.

So there you have it, hope our tips will help you in your future career ;)


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