Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice For None Review

Yes folks, Ivan Moody and co are back with a new album (and lots of vengeance). Their seventh studio album is called “And Justice For None” – interesting title for an album, right? Long story short – Five Finger Death Punch decided on that particular title, as a reference to their legal dispute with their record label Prospects Park which, at the end of the day, produced justice for none. You can have a read about it here.


My first listen of “And Justice For None” was intriguing – I really wasn’t too sure what to think of it. I mean, yes, it does bare the tried and tested FFDP-specific sound, yes – it is a mix of high powered and angsty and somber ballads with a little bit of a twist – we have two covers here – Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Blue on Black and the Offspring’s Gone Away. FFDP gave an interesting twist to Blue on Black by covering it as more of a country style, rather than the original blues rock. Blue on Black (FFDP version) has its virtues and to be honest – I like it, however, whenever we turn the discussion over to Gone Away – we have a totally different story. A song so intimate to Dexter Holland about a personal tragedy of his was turned into an American propaganda. Fair enough, the band does support the troops in their fight for freedom (or so they claim) and they do have more than enough patriotic oriented song, so did they have to turn the tragic, yet energetic Gone Away into a cry of despair? I’d say “no” but to each their own, really. I’ll let you be the judge of which version is better:

Overall, the album is good, however, it would have been awesome should Ivan and co have decided to experiment with their sound and maybe depart with some of their typical themes. One never knows – maybe in the future we shall get our wish 🙂

Please have a listen to “And Justice For None” and share your opinion with me – I’d be happy to hear it 🙂

And here are the music videos for songs from “And Justice For None”

“When the Seasons Change”

“Sham Pain”


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